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Hi, I’m Rachel Simmet. I’m a wandering spirit. DSCF6733 -Edit

I grew up in a small town in Alberta but have since re-located to sunny Vancouver, living in Calgary and Ottawa along the way. My favourite thing to do when I find myself in a new city is walk around and explore. No particular destination in mind.

I fell in love with traveling at a young age, before I even had my first memories, when my family and I began took three-day road trips to go visit my family in Michigan. This was in the days before we had a CD player in the car, let alone any fancy electronics to entertain us kids. I learned patience on those long trips, and how to entertain myself. I always think of them as what planted the seeds in my life; seeds that blossomed into a passion for travel.

Something about how familiar and yet different everything is – it all became very exciting.

When I was 22 I went on my second major overseas trip, although it was the first one I had largely planned on my own and it was one of the best experiences of my life. To describe it would be to say it was terrifying but amazing. Being an introvert, I was afraid of having a communication barrier with lots of different people and so many languages. Despite my fears, this trip inspired me to add more and more destinations to my travel bucket list.

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Me kissing a Giraffe in Kenya!

About the Blog

Follow your wander hopes to inspire people to follow their wandering spirits, and spark interest in those who might be a bit afraid to travel.

It is here to provide encouragement for the shy, introverted, scared, and uncertain, and tips for those looking to travel well.

Follow Your Wander is a place where you can find resources on where to look, and how to prepare, for an international volunteer trip, or overseas internship.

We want to share with you the stories of our trips and what we have learned along the way as well as point you to resources that will help you plan your next trip.

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