On Feeling Nostalgia for Home

I was visiting my family this past week back in Alberta, which began me thinking nostalgically about all the amazing times I had there as a kid. I grew up in a small city, where I definitely wasn’t a farm kid, but also definitely wasn’t a city kid.

It’s been almost three years since I had been back there in the summer. As a teenager, it felt like there were thunderstorms every night this time of year. The clouds came late evening and light rain turns into crackling thunder and flashes of lightning. The rain brings the smells of fresh dirt and thick forests. It’s like nothing else. It smells unique to this place. Someone once told me they missed the smell of the prairies after moving to BC. I thought they were crazy, but now I understand. It’s the smell of home.

I was born in the middle of summer . One year on my birthday my friends and I drove through the nearby country roads in hopes to seen the lightning that was happening in the distance. That’s the amazing thing about the Canadian prairies “Your dog can run away for three days and you can still see them”, the saying goes. It’s flat, yes, and I absolutely love mountains, but the prairies have the best and the biggest skies you have seen in your life. The clouds are picture perfect, like the kind you see in a children’s cartoon. The lighting that night was so far away that night that I don’t have any memory of hearing the thunder, just the flashes of light that had us chasing the horizon.

Going back home reminds me of what I love about it, you see it in a new fresh way when you have been away that long and all the mundane times at home are drowned out with good memories of nice weather, and spending time friends and family.

Whether you just moved somewhere else, are currently traveling, or living in your hometown still don’t forget to reflect on the good memories you have had, the places that have nurtured you. The places who shaped you into the person you are now.

I know I’m meant to live where I live now and I love it in Vancouver, this is the home I chose. But the Alberta is the home that chose me.

No matter where I am in the world it’s nice to know I have this place to come back to.

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