Where I Wandered: Vancouver -August 2016 Edition

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It’s a new month, which means it’s time for another post of what I got up to last month. Welcome to Where I Wandered August Edition. I can’t believe it’s September already and that the summer weather has turned to rain here in Vancouver. Luckily, I had some friends from Alberta visited me for the first time here in BC, so I had the chance to do so many fun things with them along with a few things on my own.

St. Mark’s Summit

At the beginning of the month I did a day hike to St. Mark’s Summit, I did a full post on that so you can read all about it here and see some of the amazing pictures I took as well.

Vancouver Aquarium and Capilano Suspension Bridge

When my friends came to visit we did a few of the classic Vancouver tourist spots, including going to Vancouver Aquarium and the Capilano Suspension Bridge. You can read about those in my last editions: here and here. We also did the quick driving tour of Stanley Park, stopping at Prospect Point for a photo op. If you ever want to visit the park but don’t have time to walk around driving is a decent way to see most of it. There are parking lots at all the points of interest, just remember that the majority of it is a one-way drive and you have to pay a minimum of one hour of parking even if you’re just there 15 minutes. (Trust me I used to work there)

Lynn Canyon

This is a favourite of mine that I included in my “Top Ten Free Things to Do in Vanocuver” Post. We were looking for a super easy hike to do that didn’t take long but lets you see the nature around the city. I will say that it was far more crowded than any other day I’ve been there which is always a little annoying when trying to get good pictures. Despite the water level being low, hoards of people flock to the river to cool off on a hot day to swim and cliff jump.

Horeshoes Bay and Whycliffe Park

Mid August ended up being a huge reunion of some of best friends. So I had to pick up my friend from the ferry  at Horeshoe Bay. This little town is so quante and driving to the North Shore always makes me want to live there (despite the fact I would need to buy a car) On the way back I took my friends on a short drive around West Van to seen some of the expensive house and views from that area. We stopped by Whycliffe Park. (a cliff face covered in benches) This is a definite place to explore if you have a car or way of getting there. There’s a rocky beach connecting to an island at low tide, along with numerous paths. The terrain is rocky but the views are unreal. I’ve seen whales from this spot last year and it’s one of the best places to see the sunset if you prefer a view of the water, rather than the city. There’s even a hidden beach, and despite being fairly small there are a few hidden trails if you head in the right direction 😉

Capilano Canyon

I’m a huge introvert so taking time to explore on my own is a huge way I refreshed and recharged after a busy week. So while looking up places to cliff dive swim in and around Vancouver I found Capilano Canyon. I had heard of it as a good hiking spot but didn’t really know what to expect. It ended up being a nearly perfect day. There are a few paths around the river that lead to views of the dam and salmon hatchery. I did almost accidently fall in the water while attempting to snapchat my view… so be careful if you go off the beaten path. Despite the fact that it was really cold, I did take a dip in the water. I just couldn’t resist and I love the refreshing cold of the BC rivers. I also experimented with using Instastories that day, so if you want to see any new adventures follow me here.

Veledrome Trail to Burnaby Mountain

My roommate found this short hike for us to do in Burnaby which I agreed to without thinking too much about how hard it would be. It’s only an hour hike but involves 500 stairs. This was on a day I had wanted to go to the beach so I was not overall prepared to do strenuous exercise. I did enjoy it though as I’m also interested in exploring new places in and around Vancouver I’ve never been before. There’s also a restaurant at the top where we enjoyed happy hour, but you could also just drive straight there. 😉

Jericho Beach

This beach was one on my summer bucket list, as was one of the few popular beaches I had yet to go to. It was a nice beach but, as with most Vancouver beaches, your view of the water and mountains also has a dozen plus shipping containers in the inlet. I didn’t walk too far down the beach or park but I’m sure there would have been more beautiful views if I had. It was one of those places that was nice to visit to but not necessarily worth going out of your way for if you’re not a local. The one thing I really did like though compared to most beaches in Vancouver it had a large park where families were having picnics and just hanging out in the shade, and it was definitely less crowded and similar enough to Kitsilano beach.

Shipyard Night Market

I had never heard about this local market before and was excited to see what it was all about. There were lots of vendors selling cute crafts, as well as live music, but the main attractions in the food trucks. I’m not even sure how many there were, but it was definitely too many to choose from. We got there at a perfect time to eat our food while watching the sunset over the water. This is a summer event I would recommend to tourists and locals alike, but make sure to take transit instead of driving as parking was horrendous and made me almost get into an accident.It’s on every Friday night until Sept. 30th!

Where did you all wander last month? I’d love here about it. Stay in touch via Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I’m also super excited to be heading to Ireland soon so stay tuned for posts on that!

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