Where I Wandered: Vancouver -June 2016 Edition

Welcome to my first in a series of monthly posts in which I talk about the unique things I did this month. I’ll talk about new local finds and amazing discoveries in the places I travel to. Hope you find something of interest for a Vancouver adventure.

Little Mountain Improv on Main Street

My roommate invited me to this Improv show which featured a few comedians he had worked with on a TV show pilot. The scene at Little Mountain felt very ‘underground’ compared to what you’d find for Improv downtown or on Granville Island. This is definitely something I wish I had found out about sooner and if you’re looking for something to do on a Tuesday night is well worth the price of admission.

Dark Table in Kitsilano

Dark Table is a unique dining experience where you are in total darkness, heightening all your other senses. I’ve heard so many good things about this restaurant from everyone who I’ve talked to about it, so I just had to take my friend for his Birthday. The servers are all visually impaired or blind and it amazes me how anyone could do this job, and do it so well. The food was delicious and three courses were served over a long period of time allowing us to enjoy our experience there. I did quickly give up eating with my fork just for ease sake, no one could judge. 😉

Vancouver Aquarium

I haven’t been here since they renovated and I am so happy we had friends come to town as an excuse to go. The added a new touch tank feature where you can pet sting rays!! I looooove animals and have always enjoyed going to the zoo as a kid. As an adult, its hard knowing that animal treatment is a concern in zoos and aquariums. With the Vancouver Aquarium putting a large focus on education and conservations it never felt like that aquatic life is just there to entertain us.

Chor Leoni Mane Stage 

Chor Leoni is a Vancouver Men’s Chor that performs every year at Bard on the Beach, it’s always the most fun and entertaining concert of their season. One of my best friends is in this choir, and he had the honour of performing one of his originals and I couldn’t be more proud of him. It was hard to hold back my tears at this one. Unfortunately, the show is over for this year but they’ll be back next year for what I’m sure will be another fun show.

Third Beach in Stanley Park

I took a day off to myself and headed down to the beach third beach. I realized I definitely didn’t take advantage of the beaches in Vancouver the past couple of years. Third Beach is one of my favourites because of its location in Stanley Park, which means it is surrounded by trees and also fairly accessible. I walked through the forest beforehand to get there and I actually spent most of my time swimming rather than lying on the sand and tanning like I usually do. It was a perfect relaxing day! If you’re looking for a beach close to downtown I would definitely recommend this one over English Bay or Second Beach.

Followed my wander to the beach today. It was perfect!

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I didn’t put this one the list because it’s not an event but one of the most exciting things I did this month was book a spontaneous trip! I’m super stoked to be going traveling again soon and blog all about it for you.

Now I’d loved to know where did you follow your wander to this month? Let me know in the comments below or connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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  1. Really interesting post. Dark Table sounds really cool and very unique.

    1. It is! I think it was a concept started in Europe so there are similar restaurants around the world now.


    … minus 1

    Dark Table was awesome, will go there again!

    1. Rachel Simmet says: Reply

      10/10 would recommend

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